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The purpose for “The Pathway of Light” is to tell the story of Jesus according to God’s Word to an audience that has no connection to a church, denomination, or religion, as well as to encourage Christians to have a deeper relationship with Christ.  Sharing the good news and the reason Christ came to this earth is the primary and only focus of POL.  Our main objective is to proclaim Jesus as Savior and His desire for a personal relationship with all people (John 3:16).  

By way of a “path” created, the visitors will be escorted by a personal escort through the various Biblical scenes.  These groups will be 20-25 people in size to allow for close contact and viewing of the scenes.  Each scene will depict a part of the story using real situations and dialogue of the time.  There will be some interaction between the cast and the visitors.  An opportunity will be given for every person to receive further information about salvation or other spiritual needs.